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A Pixel Adventure Legion: Enter the enchanted castle to rescue the princess from the clutches of Legion, the evil knight who defied the king and became the squire of evil.

1st on the GEM JAM 2

  1. Official Website
  2. Community post
  3. Demo Web Version


  • Level Up system, 
  • 4 inventory systems for items, swords, armors, helmets, 
  • Weapons system, knives and magic, Minimap system
  • 4 Shops for items and weapons

Keyboard Map:

  • Up, Down. Left, Righ to move
  • Z - To Attack/Confirm actions
  • X to jump, X to Cancel actions/dialogues
  • C - Dash
  • B - Magic Ball
  • V - Knife
  • F Fullscreen
  • Esc exit fullscreen

Release date June 2021 for Windows.

Changelog: 1.0.6

  1.  Up to level 18
  2. Music is now continuos
  3. Minor fixes
  4. Better performance
  5. 2 more bosses


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

A Pixel Adventure - Legion Setup 1.0.6.zip 46 MB
A Pixel Adventure Demo Windows - 1.0.5 45 MB
A Pixel Adventure Demo Windows - 1.0.4, NPC, dialogs 45 MB
A Pixel Adventure Legion - Demo 10 levels - (GEM JAM2 Submission) 45 MB

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Great game, I love it!

But theres a bug that when you click the player head in the top left corner then it will give you 10,000 coins. But other than that, its great!

It's not a bug more than a CHEAT. 

That was added during the GameJam then I totally forgot to remove it.

can i monetize my video if i record your game?

Sorry the delay, sure if you make a strategy guide or something, you have my permission to monetize if you want. Just add a link to https://www.gamesigniter.com


this game is good,not all people can make a great game using gdevelop good work bro.keep it up!

Thanks, this month is going to be on hold, because of the gamesigniterjam