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Castlia The #1 template to create a vania like game in GDevelop 5, with this template I almos demonstrate all the potencial of the GDevelop 5 Engine.

The idea is to let anyone who want to create a motroidvania game to use this as an starting point with almos all cover, the castle zones, the player state machine, the mini map with percentage competition, and much more...

* Added custom extensions ones by me others from the community.


The castle, zones and mini map

  • Castle zone based.
  • Mini map layout to display the castle zones.
  • Mini map percentage, simple Math to calculate how much of the castle zones are visited.
  • Zones: The castle is composed by zones by default in lightblue and when you already visited a zone this will be displayed in gray.

The player:

  • 3 combo attacks.
  • Inventory system, example with 3 different objects, HP potion, MP potion, EXP potion.
  • Player level system, based on EXP per kill, or EXP per potions.
  • Double jump and Dash adquirible as collectable items.


  • Teleport compass, demonstrate how to teleport the player inside the castle.

Please the only thing I request is for you to do not use the assets, music and sounds for resale.

Or in patreon

Release date Sep 10, 2021
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorUlises Freitas
GenreAction, Adventure
Made withPixiJS, GDevelop, Aseprite
Tags2D, Exploration, gdevelop, gdevelop-template, Metroidvania, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Needs instructions listed somewhere. By randomly pressing keys I know that arrow keys for move. Z for attack. x for jump. Are there other controls? What are those icons in the bottom right corner?

Inside the game there is a Button named "Controls" every mapped button is there. For the bottom icons they are slots for potions.

it's spectacular. you worked hard to reach this level,
I'm delighted to know that gdevelop is not limited.
Keep it up, you're doing an excellent job Ulises

Although this template has a price for downloading if you don't want to pay, just write to me at and I'll make you a private key so you can get it for free.


Hello! Could you please share the Castlia key if you can? I tried to write to the mail, but it did not send a message.

Hi Ulises Freitas, I sent you a mail. : )


thank you so much for these, they will help me learn the program much faster! Will you be doing tutorial/templates for RPG and Point and Click type games?


This is great!
You did really good job on this! Thank you.