Castlia The #1 template to create a vania like game in GDevelop 5, with this template I almos demonstrate all the potencial of the GDevelop 5 Engine.

The idea is to let anyone who want to create a motroidvania game to use this as an starting point with almos all cover, the castle zones, the player state machine, the mini map with percentage competition, and much more...

* Added custom extensions ones by me others from the community.


The castle, zones and mini map

  • Castle zone based.
  • Mini map layout to display the castle zones.
  • Mini map percentage, simple Math to calculate how much of the castle zones are visited.
  • Zones: The castle is composed by zones by default in lightblue and when you already visited a zone this will be displayed in gray.

The player:

  • 3 combo attacks.
  • Inventory system, example with 3 different objects, HP potion, MP potion, EXP potion.
  • Player level system, based on EXP per kill, or EXP per potions.
  • Double jump and Dash adquirible as collectable items.


  • Teleport compass, demonstrate how to teleport the player inside the castle.

Please the only thing I request is for you to do not use the assets, music and sounds for resale.

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Updated 7 days ago
Release date 7 days ago
AuthorUlises Freitas
GenreAction, Adventure
Made withAseprite, PixiJS, GDevelop
Tags2D, Exploration, gdevelop, gdevelop-template, Metroidvania, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Although this template has a price for downloading if you don't want to pay, just write to me at and I'll make you a private key so you can get it for free.


thank you so much for these, they will help me learn the program much faster! Will you be doing tutorial/templates for RPG and Point and Click type games?


This is great!
You did really good job on this! Thank you.