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Basic template to demonstrate an inventory and shop integrated together

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AuthorUlises Freitas
Made withPixiJS, GDevelop, Aseprite
Tagsgdevelop, inventory, Pixel Art, shop
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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ive been looking trough your code multiple times now and i dont understand witch part of the code even makes the items name variable to the actual name of the item, because in my game the name variable is 0 on all of the items

Edit: No need anymore, i figured it out

I've been trying to copy your code to my game and editing it so it would work with my game but it just doesnt do anything and I dont understand why

Send me some screenshots of what you're trying to do so maybe I can help you. I mean to do this better go into the and create a new thread.

sorry for not replying sooner when i originaly saw your message i didnt have time to make a thread and the next day i just forgot

wow hi can i have some advice please uhhh where do you get the font? What website?

The font is PressStart2P I think I grabbed from is free to use 100%

Hello! When making external layouts, did you just made full copy of one scene, and then modified them to your liking in order to make UI, shop, info ...? i'm working on personal project


When you add an external layout you need and must select a scene to write the events related so if later you copy or clone the scene the external will be linked to that copy too. Usually just use one scene and link the externals to that scene by linking.

For instance MainScene has an UI layer then create an external layout with the same name UI and create UIEvents as external Events. Then in MainScene add Link to UIEvents, this way if you need UIEvents to run in other scene that is not MainScene just add a link to that new Scene and it will work the same.

Hope this helps.