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Amazing game, but I have one question how can we add more players, like as of now there are 3 in the default template but I want to add more, how can I do this?


better then fifa 


 Hi Hope you are doing good! If I download the template ( the game) however I edit it dose this still mean I can upload the game as my game on play store and have ads etc 

As I say before in some post, Socceralia is a WTFPL So basically you can do what you want, just don't use the same name.

Hello, If I change the whole graphics with mine, could I use your template to make my own version of the game ? I will not sell it of course.

Hi Barbie nice to meet you, I think Socceralia is a WTFPL so basically you can do what you want with the code even sell or put ads or whatever.

Yeah, The game is definitely pretty interesting to play. If you polish up it a bit more on mechanics then undoubtedly, this would be super fun to play and it would be more challenging. Currently, as the game is not Full Screen, it's very difficult to play with the arrow keys as the page starts to move up and down, so here you should actually consider adding the Full-screen mode to the game. 

Press F in game to set fullscreen